“I have NEVER liked an overdrive made for a clean amp. They just never have the balls. This not only has balls, it sounds like that hairy guy from the Village People's balls...and one of his friends...it has super balls. I really can't get over how great it sounds. I finally have an overdrive that works on a clean amp. I'm def taking it out to use. The harmonic content is outstanding. I would velcro it to the bottom of my shoe but then I might accidentally turn it off. Everyone looking for amp tones dripping with harmonics and smooth distortion should stop right here and get the Creamsicle. Just fantastic!!!!!"
~Elwood Francis
Guitar tech for Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top

"Pedals By Tone ALL NEW Creamsicle high gain overdrive pedal SMOKES! Better than SUHR Shiba , Keeley etc. This is a must for guys that want BALLS coming thru their cabinets! PURE organic gain. I was gonna buy a stock OR modded Tubescreamer before I bought my Creamsicle. Since owning this I havent even thought about buying ANY other pedal. I'm the KING of G.A.S. Like a lot of players....so this is huge for me to state publicly."
~Rikk Morosini

"Creamsicle is a perfect name. Tasty tone enough to give you a brain freeze! This is a very dynamic overdrive, very responsive and plays very well with other pedals. If you play guitar there is no reason you should not own a Pedals by Tone."
~Ken Wagman

"Damn fine pedal. Works great with all my amps. It's cat's climbing gear for sure. Great job on these."
~Rick Sage