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"I Want All Of My Cream Parts to Match Perfectly!" Well, Actually You Don't.

We often get a message asking if the shade of cream matches exactly on all of our parts. If you’re shooting for a vintage vibe for your guitar, you don’t want the plastic to match perfectly! Rather you want a nice compliment of cream tones. The original 50s parts didn’t match, Custom Shop Historic parts don’t match, and vintage-correct repro parts don’t match perfectly and here's why: They're made using different techniques such as heat molding, dry-cutting sheet material and stamping. Each one of these processes can alter the color of the plastic. Lighting and viewing angles also come into play. And of course, the age and wear on vintage guitars further contributes to the differences in the shades of cream.

New Gibson USA stock parts match exactly because they’re all made using the same process. They are injection molded, even the pickguards, so they all come out the same color. Believe it or not, that's one of the reasons why your new Les Paul Traditional looks so bland. Take a look at the factory plastic on this gold top.

Now look at this photo of the same model of Les Paul after a CreamTone makeover. Although our parts do compliment each other very well, they are made using the vintage techniques from the 50s, and they're not a perfect match. But the guitar has a vibe that makes you want to pick it up and play it now!

So stop driving yourself crazy, buy CreamTone Vintage Design cream plastics, and fall in love with your guitar all over again!