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Lonnie Gilbert, The CreamTone Team, and Number One • Part Three

This is Part Three. If you missed Parts One and Two, click here.

Who the heck is Lonnie Gilbert? Well, that would be me. I'm the one who answers your email when you have have a question. I'm the big cheese.

Here's a big shout out to the most amazing guys who help me bring CreamTone to you: First, of course is Chris, our Product Development Director, who just happens to cut pickguards like nobody's business! Art, who helped design our brand and keeps us at the top of Google when you need something for your guitar. John, who winds pickups that sound like they came down from heaven. And Alex! Halfway around the world in Croatia, you make amazing things, and I'm happy that you're willing to share your gifts with me. And of course, Dan Shinn—this project brought us together and I'm forever grateful. Cheers to you all!

Last summer when I found this incredible R9 in Texas, I brought it to the team and told them what I was thinking: Let's build a replica of Number One exactly as she was when Led Zeppelin IV was recorded. When the guitar was pure. Every one of them stepped up and knocked the ball out of the park. Here are a few more photos of the build in progress.

She is offered to you in her original brown Lifton case, with the original Gibson COA, all the factory case candy, and a special COA signed by me, Chris and Dan, and an authentic 1971 first pressing of Led Zeppelin IV on vinyl.

And there will only be one. Not a limited run of a thousand, or a hundred, or even ten.