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Wiring Harness for Fender Telecaster • 50s Gibson Wiring

$ 129.00

Something brand new for your Tele: Gibson 50s wiring!

Premier Guitar describes it this way:

What’s so special about this ’50s wiring? It affects your tone in three major ways:

  1. The overall tone gets stronger, tighter, and more transparent. It’s difficult to describe, but you might say it’s more "in your face."

  2. The typical treble loss that occurs when rolling back the volume is much less than with standard wiring. Both the volume and tone controls become more responsive, and they react more smoothly without the usual hot spots. Another bonus: By simply rolling back your guitar volume a bit, you can clean up an overdriven amp without getting lost in the mix.

  3. The tone and the volume controls interact with each other—something you might be familiar with from certain tweed-era Fender tube amps. When you change the volume, the tone changes a little bit as well, and vice-versa. This may be strange at first, but you only need a few minutes to get used to it... Continue to the full article.

We build these with CTS' top-shelf 250k pots with brass posts and shafts. The capacitor is one of our vintage drifted Bumblebees from the 50s. That's right, this is an authentic vintage Bee, not a reissue. The result is totally responsive, creamy volume and tone controls that you can't keep your hands off of. An Oak 3-way switch and Switchcraft jack brings it all together. 

Read more about vintage drifted caps in our blog post by clicking here. We choose Bees rated in the .1 range.because they sound amazing with single coil pickups.

CreamTone harnesses are built on music! We've repurposed dozens of old albums that were no longer playable and headed for the dumpster by turning them into mounting plates for our harnesses.

  • Most Telecaster harnesses are mounted on a metal plate when installed on the guitar. This plate serves as a grounding shield. If your guitar is rear-loaded or the controls are mounted on a non-metal plate, we offer an optional grounding shield cut in our shop from .025 aluminum. Please select from the menu at the top of this description. Contact us if you have any questions.

Wiring diagram included. Made in USA.