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Truss Rod Cover for Gibson USA or Historic Les Paul Deluxe • Absolute Vintage Collection

$ 39.00

Presenting the CreamTone Les Paul Deluxe truss rod cover!

This is an exact re-creation of the early Les Paul Deluxe truss rod covers, with the vintage-correct, three-ply material you’ve been searching for. Engraved in our shop.

Each one is buffed out to a soft sheen that lands somewhere between glossy and aged. We loved the look so much we decided to forego our usual choice of NOS or LIX Patina finishes and offer these just as they come off the first buffer. This also streamlines production, allowing us to offer these at a very attractive price point when compared to our competitors overseas, who are charging nearly triple our price!

Not too old, not too new; they look amazing on any Les Paul Deluxe.

Handcrafted in USA.