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Insulating the bridge pickup on the CreamTone Jimmy Page Number One harness

Follow these steps to insulate our Jimmy Page Number One harness when using pickups with vintage braided leads. In this setup, the braided outside of the lead becomes hot when the system is out of phase. The pickup is grounded through the push-pull bridge tone pot. It is critical that the baseplate and braid of the bridge pickup does not come into contact with any grounded wires.

Install the toggle assembly. We have covered the wires in shrink wrap at the point where they pass through the bridge-pickup cavity. This photo shows the proper position of the wires in the cavity. 

Before soldering any of the wires to the pots or jack, let's be sure everything is properly covered and seated under the bridge pickup.

Install the neck pickup. We have included three sections of shrink wrap with the harness in three different sizes as shown in the photo below.

Find piece #2 and slide it onto the neck pickup lead so that the left end is 4 inches from the pickup base as show in this photo.

Apply heat to the shrink wrap to secure it in place and slide it through the channel into the control cavity. The bridge pickup area should look as shown in the photo below. Notice the covered neck lead running behind the toggle leads we installed in the first step.

Install the bridge pickup. Locate piece #3 of shrink wrap in the package and slide it onto the bridge pickup lead all the way to the baseplate of the pickup. Cover the entire length of the wire, leaving only an inch or so on the end that goes into the cavity. Slide the lead through the channel into the cavity so that it looks like this photo.

At this point, return to the printed diagram that came with your harness and complete the steps outlined. Piece #1 of shrink wrap will be used to cover the bridge pickup lead after it has been wrapped with the bare wire coming from the tone pot as outlined in step 4 of the printed diagram.

If you have any questions, contact for further assistance.