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Pickguard for Fender Esquire Telecaster • NOS or LIX Patina Five-Ply Black

$ 59.00

We've been making these wide bevel 5-ply pickguards for Gibson guitars for years. The vintage Les Paul Customs, 335s and SGs from the 1950s and early 60s all had pickguards with big borders. When we first started throwing around ideas for Fender pickguards, we cut one for Chris' Cabronita Tele and it's been part of the line ever since. We've sold a bunch of them, so it only made sense to give them a shot on a Esquire and we think you'll agree that they look awesome!

This one is drilled with 8 holes for mounting on a modern Telecaster to give it an old-school Esquire vibe.

Available in NOS (New Old Stock) or lightly aged LIX Patina. LIX is the Roman Numeral for 59. Aged CreamTone parts have the look of well-loved parts from that era. Please make your selection from the menu at the top of this description.

Made in USA.