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Truss Rod Cover • "Les Paul" Engraved for Epiphone Models • CreamTone Classic Collection

$ 24.00

Introducing the CreamTone Classic Collection for Epiphone models. Classic Collection parts are made in our shop on the Axiom Pro CNC. This allows us to streamline production so we can offer these American-made parts for significantly less than other handcrafted vintage-style pieces.

We took the design of the vintage Gibson covers and cut them to fit modern Epiphone guitars. The result is a gorgeous piece that will instantly give your guitar an old-school look. Cut from sheet material and engraved with Les Paul. Gibson designed this style of cover in 1961 for the new Les Paul Standard, which we recognize today as the SG. Modern covers are injection molded and tend to distract from the beauty of your headstock.

Offered in NOS. Includes screws.

Made in USA.